Monday, February 05, 2007

Wow, busy busy girl I am.....

Well, we have had the flu make its rounds throught he house..... hopefully for the last time this year! what a hellacious flu it was too! good lord. K didnt even move for 2 days! high fever, achy body... deadly headaches... but nice enuff, hardly any vomiting. its the vomitousness i cant take!
J.T. came down this weekend, he is growing so fast... he is inches (literally) from passing me up. said he joined the wrestling team. i think he should be playing basketball.... but theres lots of time for that. hes so handsome... the girls wont leave him alone. poor me. lol.
W is just growing so fast too... shes about as independant as they come, and super opinionated... tells it like it is, doesnt care if you like it or not...... hmmph, i wonder where she got that from??? couldnt be her mother could it?? lol, i finally asked my mother if i ws this bad (not that she is bad ...cuz shes not... just strong willed) she laughed hysterically at me... and told me if my lil girl was anything like me, it was only gonna get better (meaning worse lol). i dont recall being so strong willed and opinionated ..... but i must have been to have become who i am today! if thats the case, then my daughter is off to a great start... she should be a lawyer. god knows i would be if i hadnt gotten pregnant in my senior year...... no regrets! just wonders lol.......wonder who id be today ... where id be today.... etc. i think we all have those.
i had a bazillion things i wanted to blog about the last couple of weeks and for the life of me, i cant remember any of them. lol, this is why i should carry around a paper pad and pencil. then i could just jot it down when i thought of it..... someday i will learn to take my own advice as i told myself this very thing last time i went to blog a buncha stuff and forgot it!!! i have just been far too busy ....
no excuse........ i know.......
maddening it is! lol
hmm, well as i am just too pooped to type..... i shall return later
toodles bloggypals


Blogger shoewhore76 said...

Hi honey.

I read your posts and I nearly fainted about the wal-mart incident. Holy crap! You are such a good person, babe. You did all the right things and I'm sure that gal is forever grateful for you and everyone else who came to her rescue. How did the trial end up?


- Ran

7:18 PM  

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