Monday, March 12, 2007


i feel like i have to share this with everyone who reads. and if you feel so inclined please copy and send to all parents out there!
this is in regards to YOUR PUBLIC LIBRARY! several months back, i was at the lynnwood public library with all 3 of my children. as everyone well knows the library has computers, several, with internet access!!! most people use this access for schooling, research, playing games, chatting ... daily grind right?? oh and just incase your public library differs from mine, the computers are sunken into a table, and have these so called privacy screens... privacy my ass!!! you can still see what anyone is surfing plain as day! you simply walk behind them, uh, as you have to do anyways ! soooo with that said...
several months back we were all wandering around the library and in search of a certain of my kids was on a computer doing some research, and had printed out a few things. (printers are located at the end of every row of computers) he went to go retrieve these items from the printer and found some pornographic pics printeds and waiting to be picked up! first of all... OMFG! so i went round the tables behind everyone untill i located person surfing porn. i was disgusted. anyone walking by could have seen this ! dude is sitting there with one hand in his crotch ... IN A PUBLIC PLACE..... WHERE CHILDREN ROAM FREELY.... surfing porn. well with me being who i am (you who know me personally can just imagine) i just caused a hell of a scene! i stood my ground where i was and started calling him a petifile etc. there are kids around etc....
i demanded to speak to a librarian in the head dept of the library.... i told her situation, what i was upset about etc. she in turn told me there was nothing SHE could do... so i asked for the person in charge here. the person i spoke with i was very clear about what kind of an issue this was, that indeed this is a place where children roam freely, it is indeed a SAFE zone for families, etc ... and i was horrified and appallled that this sort of surfing and printing could possibly be totally legal. again, i was assured this is totally legal. it has some shit to do with peoples constitutional rights. ok, i get that ....... but what part of PUBLIC PLACE, and CHILDREN PRESENT is nobody concerned with?
with that said........ i was outraged. and promptly left. several times since i have been to the library.....
about a week ago... there was a shocking story on the news about a little girl having been cornered and fondled in a local library........ UGHH! this could have been prevented somehow, i am sure of it. if perverts werent sitting in local libraries staring at porn on computers , maybe they wouldnt be interested in little girls right there under there nose! not to mention, all the nasty offenders out there in our communities ... uhm, evidently the library is the perfect place to go ! children and free porn access!!! bullshit! i was shocked when i heard this news story.... so you can imagine how i felt when my 12 yr old on saturday upon LEAVING the library told me that the man next to him was surfing some pretty nasty porn. ok my kid was on a computer at the library doing research .. again... and could totally see what dude next to him was surfing.... (ya, like i said before privacy screens my ass!!!) so now i feel the need to let the public know just what our local libraries are saying is a persons constitutional right! i will also be calling the local news stations today, maybe sending this via e mail. lets see what the public has to say about this when they all finds out! i think some pretty outraged parents will emerge?! maybe we as a community can stop this sort of thing from being permitted in a place where children frequent!!!
please pass this on!!!
WELL WELL!!!! i am here again, to report that i have just called all the local news stations, and they are not interested in letting the general public know that people are allowed to view and print this crap on computers in local libraries.... and you will also be appalled to find out that there is nothing we as a community can do, other than write our legislators!!! i am outraged!!! I feel i can no longer take my children to the local library without constant supervision! that sux! they should bve able to roam freely in a library!!!
im going to do some major research now, and find a way to make this a widespread knowledge! c'mon people,. fight with me here.... take our public library back for our kids sake, and for their children.. good god .... no wonder other countries want to bomb us!!!


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That is crazy, Isn't there a law against masturbating in public? Maybe you should inform the police and they can go check it out.

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