Friday, August 26, 2005

SHEEEESH! it's been a while eh?

well let's see....... WOW! ok so school is about to start again, sorry guys ! teehee. so I guess I haven't blogged for ... dang a long while! I lost my password, so i asked a few times to different blog admin's, and oh my gosh i was so surprised, they let me have my info when my old e mail didnt exist anymore. so words out ... these blog admins really do care about your problem, and they will help solve it. I went thru 3 people before the fourth and final e mail solved the problem i was having. but lookee........ i am so happy, i got my blog back!

We have done a lot of the school clothes shopping as of late! omg, what a nightmare the stores are. K is currently picking everything cammo.... i understand his prints are called desert and jungle, haven't a clue what the blue ones are called but i want to get him some of those too. and if i can come across some pink. oh its on... imma have to buy it!!! lol.
W is really into spongebob, and tinkerbell. we got the cutest outfit , when she tried it on, she had to have it. its pink shorts with the skirt over the top... and a really cute pink tinkerbell top, her wings and feet are all glittery. W loves it, and it looks great on her. We went to register her for pre school the other day, it broke my heart. she cried , not because she didnt want to go to school, but because there were no other kids and she couldnt stay for school that day. she is very excited....
J is currently taking some karate classes, its fun seeing him practice what he has learned. hes actually pretty good far as i can tell. and he enjoys it alot. man he is getting so big. he may just pass me up this year as tall as he is getting!
hmph! well we have spent a lot of time at the beach this summer. this last month has been really hectic. but we have managed to find time to play anyways.
W is showing how much older she is getting every day, for instance.... today she had this bag-o-cotton candy... daddy told her she'd had enough and to close the bag, i argues she had already eaten so ...let her go for it. he said no its the fact i told her to do it, and shes not ... its the principle of the thing..... W replies with Well i have the principle of it! sassy frassy she is lately, but its pretty amusing when she has no idea whta shes talking about, and acts as if she does. wow where has time gone. my littlest one is starting school this yar, and my oldest is already old enough for 6th grade camp! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK I REMEMBER 6TH GRADE CAMP!!! its nothing but trouble. lol..... my oldest is already a 6th grader. UMMMMMMMMM excuse me but where did 11 years go all of a sudden? well i am off to bed . see ya later...