Friday, February 25, 2005


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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Whew! Glad to be feeling better!

Well, the infamous flu bug has struck my home again! This time tho it's me and Steve gettin the worst of it. I haven't seen Steve sick for years...... boy he's really got it bad! I'm feeling better, poor him still way feverish and pukey in bed. Poor guy!
I managed to catch American Idol tonite..... wow! this show is brutal! They cut 4 people tonite... 2 guys and 2 gals. In my opinion, they cut 2 really good singers... the other two, well glad they are gone. but what gives, there were a couple of really bad ones who got to stay....... because of Americas vote.... is that truly fair? Lets face it, some will vote purely on looks, some will vote on impression........ not too many will actually vote on the musical talent one has or doesnt have. It's a popularity contest! what a joke! And where does that one judge get off being such an ass? man o man he has moxy! However, they have managed to capture a lot of attention to the show, so who am I to say whats what? I guess I just don't feel like its realistic to have all of us around the world decide who has the best voice, isn't that what those judges are there for? HMPH! whatever!
omg, also, I was looking at my calendar today and does everyone realize that easter is in march this year? ..............gasp....... I'm not ready for easter yet! I think I am going to paper mache with my kids this year again, was fun when we did it before. maybe I can find a new shape this year instead of an egg.
well I'm off for now, it's very late...... just got done with the dishes and came to write a bit....... see ya tomorrow.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Keegan's personality

Alright I have no idea where this came from, but omg it was sooooo funny. We are getting our jammies on, and Keegan is playing with the water coming out of the humidifier. I was sitting on the bed brushing Winter's hair, and out of nowhere Keegan says, "that doesnt rock this rocks" and promptly sticks his butt in my direction and farts! What is it with boys anyways? haha had a good laugh, was speechless over that one. had to add it to my blog. ..................bedtime.............
Awwwwwwww so cute, sleepin together... oh and the baby is cute Ha Ha Steven...... had to post ya lil bro! :p Posted by Hello
O.K. Steven, omg........ your a spaz!!! Posted by Hello
This is my brother Steven and his new baby Rhyen.......isn't she adorable??? My first niece. Posted by Hello

Stupid blog fonts!

Okay now this just has to be said...... as you can see I have played with the settings of my blog to get it looking nice ...lookit the cool program my man found with the snowing names.... was just flakes... changed it to the kids names. Very cool! Anyway... as I am fiddlin with settings I think HMPH! these fonts on the blog stink! So i went and downloaded some cool fonts... tried to upload them for my blog....... shaaaaaaaa right! OMG I have never seen such a load of crap.... its ummm almost 1 AM and here i sit still trying to find a way to use my own fonts..... HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am going to go insane.........
Soooooo , ya um I think I'll head to bed now! Now that I am thouroghly frustrated......
see ya'all tomorrow!

Friday, February 18, 2005


WOW.......okay thats was a movie to add to my collection, gonna hafta buy it! Sooooooo if ya havent seen it yet.........I-Robot is an excellent movie!!!

Ha ha ha........

Hello everyone, well, today I took the kids to McDonalds to grab an ice cream. Keegan always wants plain Vanilla..... While the others prefer a sundae with fudge. So I ordered what everyone wanted, I get to the drive up window where we pay, and allofa sudden Keegan freaks out "mamma , mamma.... you forgot to order ice cream on my cone" . Of course I burst out laughing..... he got frustrated, I had to explain when you order a cone, (lmao) it comes with ice cream. That was the funniest thing any of the kids said today. Winter is curious if when you get old, if you keep getting old. We said yes honey , but eventually you get too old and your body gives up... so you die. " does everyone die mommy?" whew, thought it would be a while before that one came up!!! Then later, she says "does everyone have lungs mommy?" Naturally I said the next one was..... lol....."does even flowers have lungs?" omg, do flowers have lungs? lol sort of, they breath kind of, ummmm i had to go home and look up flowers on the net , because its been too long since highschool. lol. What happened to the good ol' questions like..... mommy why is the sky blue? The other day when Steven and Bobbi ( my brother and his girlfriend) were here , while Winter was holding Rhyen (they're new baby) she asked me where babies come from.........GULP o man, my mother had it easy. lol. I get to answer these types of questions, whiel she answered............ you guessed it , why is the sky blue.
I am trying not to watch the movie the family is watching this evening, as i had NO interest whatsoever in it. I-Robot........but damn its good, I can't help but keep pulling away from this blog here, to watch it. Looks like I will be watching it tomorrow, can't just see bits and pieces. Hmmmmmmm well I think it's time to go read some of my favorite blogs.... be back tomorrow.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

left to right top row ... me, my son Jamsion, my man Steve , our brother in law, Steves sister , her daughter.....bottom row left to right... my daughter Winter, my son Keegan, next three kids are my sister in laws. Funny how me and Jamison are the only ones without blonde hair, and dont all the kids look alike? wow! family really does resemble eachother eh? Posted by Hello
Jamison and Brutus Posted by Hello

So much fun...

Is there anything more peaceful than building a fire in your own backyard in your fire pit??? Today my daughter wanted a fire as it was cold outside, but she wanted to play on her swingset. Sooooooo...... Mom did what moms do best, (whatever the kid and I built her a raging fire... its a beautiful sunny day, but still it's cold, so a raging fire seems nice right? NOT!!! Care to ask why? lol.... because with a fire comes the obvious neccessity to make smores....... OH NO MOMS OUT OF CHOCOLATE BARS. whatever will we do?........ burn sticks...... thats fun........ oh but what happens when kids start to waive them wildly in the air to make smoke letters? lol, I guess moms need to remind themselves of what being a kid is all about.
For instance, what is the deal with my boys ALWAYS making these strange mouth noises, and thinking they are sooooo cool? And the farts and burps thing...... last night Keegan was just finished with dinner .... gets up from the table..... stands there for a moment and says to me " oh..... here it comes" with absolutely the funniest face i have ever seen..... he strained out this ginormous belch, and then laughed hysterically..... what is that about? It must be a boy thing. because Jamison thinks its hilarious to fart as loud as he can, and then he's actually proud of it! my kids are so funny.....
We recently had a new addition to our extended family, my lil brother had his first baby. She was premature so she had to stay in the hospital for a bit, just over 4 lbs when born. She is now very healthy and going on 7 lbs, just over 6 weeks old. They picked an awesome name, reminding you all SHE is a girl.... her name is Rhyen...... pronounced just like ryan. So ... welcome to the world baby Rhyen. She was here the other day .... Winter got to hold her..... omg, can't believe how gentle Winter was while she held her. Then when it was time for her visit to end...... Winter promptly cried and said she wanted her cousin to stay here forever. its these moments that assure you ..... you have wonderful , bright, intelligent, loving children....... in spite of all the burps and farts lmao! well, i need to go check on that fire we left in the pit out back, so untill later......................

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

The funny things my children have said lately...

I went shopping with Keegan and Winter the other day, we went to the dollar store first so they could spend the allowance they had made for the week. Naturally as soon as we got there the both of them found nifty little trinkets to purchase.... and quickly they were broke. lol. Next we were on to Home Depot... I just found out there is this fabulous new paint called chalk board paint. So we were on a mission to get some! When we got there, Keegan was walking really fast he was excited to find this new paint. He suddenly slowed to damn near a halt... I said " whats up Keegan?" Lmao..... he had his hands stuffed in his pockets and told me," its a good thing I dont like stuff at this store cuz all I got in my pockets is fuzz." It was pretty cute, least i think so.
Kids say the darndest things, for instance...... where did the name for this blog come from??? My middle child, Keegan... i once told him to tell his daddy he was a big fat meanie.... he replied quite perfectly..."daddy your a fig fat meanie" I have never forgotten those words, it was just so cute. Hmmm well it's bedtime for me, kids get up early for school, i will return tomorrow and write about some more of the odd things kids say.
This is Great-Grandma Bors and my three children, Jamison, Keegan, and Winter. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 14, 2005


I have to do this very first post just so i can view my stuff! how cheesy! lol