Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Wow, is it really only tuesday bloggypals??? it feels like thursday next week....lol
getting ready for valentines day with the kids and the parties they will be having at school..... now i know why my mom always wanted to pull her hair out.
EXCEPT........at this moment i have some real bitches to let out...
i am beginning to have some serious doubts about our school system as of late. first of all, we are supposedly focusing on raising the bar.... raising the standards on the wassl..... what ever man! in raising the standards on the wassl... and trying to cram all the extras into an already crowded year.... kids are falling behind. the pad excuse is that the parents at home arent doing enuff to help their students along. BULLSHIT! maybe some of them dont, but let me just enlighten you to ONE day in the week of my household after school... then let me know if my parenting is helping the school along !!!
3:30 pm school lets out
4:00 pm kids get off bus
4:05 pm start homework........... as follows
W. (kindergarten) has 20 minutes of reading, 3 written assignments.... one each of Reading/launguage arts , everyday mathematics , challenge work. (creating your own book, pics and words etc.) she is usually done by 5 pm or 5:30, depending on her challenge work.
now W is the top kid in her class, her teacher said she worries that W may get bored, she is too smart but not yet ready for first grade. there fore, she isnt behind. however mnore than half her class still does not recognize letters or their sounds, much less read! she is far ahead! this is partial to PARENT HELP AT HOME. i do not have a job, therefore i spend all my time being a mom!!! it has made a huge difference in her schooling. ok, now on to K

K daily homework is as follows (he also starts his homework at 4:05pm)
K is a 3rd grader, he has math taps (flash math ) any written work, weather it be math or history etc. , reading for 20 minutes....a test on that reading, p.e. homewrok....(since when do you get phys ed homework???) and whatever report they arte working on in class for the month. this month it is on presidents. so he has to log online and researchg his pres for facts.... and make a small report every day to be turned into a large report. so, K roughly gets done with all that between 5:30 and 6pm. oh, and that is of course if he has no work to be corrected from the day before. then i have to sign three different papers to ensure the kids get credit for the reading and math taps. GOOD LORD!!!! now what again were you saying oh high and mighty government official that parents just dont get involved enough??? sure theres parents that dont have time, but dang people, we help our kids emmensely with schooling, and it still sometimes isnt enough. dont our tax dollars pay the salaries of teachers .... to teach our children???
now its dinner and then bedtime. I want to know where the teachers have no time to teach these everyday things in class??? and what about the kids whom dont have a parent at home all the time with the actual time to spoend on all this work daily? is this why our children are failing the wassl? because we rely on the teachers to teach, and they are relying on the parents to teach? ITS A VICIOUS CIRCLE HERE.... !!! i volunteer in the class from time to time, and i see so many kids struggling to keep up with the pace, especially those who speak less english. if they can hardly understand, what makes the teacher think the parent at home is going to understand it any the better?
here we are (in our schools anyway) about to start our MID-WINTER break for a week. and shortly thereafter we will get winter progress reports, i know my kids are doing fabulous. JT is even getting A's ..... props to him!!! but what about all the kids who still arent up to par? we are halfway through the year now. i am saddened by the way our government has decided schools should be run. does anyone else have the same kinda problems as i do, or is it just washington state???
you know what, for michelles sake........ i will say that most teachers do an excellent job with what they are given, because 'chelle i know your mother was a teacher and a damn fine one too. but c'mon folks, whats gonna happen to our future generations if the teachers cant even manage to teach kids to freakin read???
ok rant is finished for the moment.......... but im sure i will be coming back to this one!!!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

finally some pics of mom....

new pics yay.....

Monday, February 05, 2007

Wow, busy busy girl I am.....

Well, we have had the flu make its rounds throught he house..... hopefully for the last time this year! what a hellacious flu it was too! good lord. K didnt even move for 2 days! high fever, achy body... deadly headaches... but nice enuff, hardly any vomiting. its the vomitousness i cant take!
J.T. came down this weekend, he is growing so fast... he is inches (literally) from passing me up. said he joined the wrestling team. i think he should be playing basketball.... but theres lots of time for that. hes so handsome... the girls wont leave him alone. poor me. lol.
W is just growing so fast too... shes about as independant as they come, and super opinionated... tells it like it is, doesnt care if you like it or not...... hmmph, i wonder where she got that from??? couldnt be her mother could it?? lol, i finally asked my mother if i ws this bad (not that she is bad ...cuz shes not... just strong willed) she laughed hysterically at me... and told me if my lil girl was anything like me, it was only gonna get better (meaning worse lol). i dont recall being so strong willed and opinionated ..... but i must have been to have become who i am today! if thats the case, then my daughter is off to a great start... she should be a lawyer. god knows i would be if i hadnt gotten pregnant in my senior year...... no regrets! just wonders lol.......wonder who id be today ... where id be today.... etc. i think we all have those.
i had a bazillion things i wanted to blog about the last couple of weeks and for the life of me, i cant remember any of them. lol, this is why i should carry around a paper pad and pencil. then i could just jot it down when i thought of it..... someday i will learn to take my own advice as i told myself this very thing last time i went to blog a buncha stuff and forgot it!!! i have just been far too busy ....
no excuse........ i know.......
maddening it is! lol
hmm, well as i am just too pooped to type..... i shall return later
toodles bloggypals

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Well I must admit, the courts really pushed this one through fast!!! If you haven't read it, I suggest you go and read http://figfatmeanie.blogspot.com/2006/12/i-am-in-awe.html that post. If indeed you have read it, then you will completely know what I am talking about . I finally got my subpoena in the mail this week. The subpoena says he is having a jury trial. Omg ... does that mean he realy pleaded not guilty???? With all those witnesses and a few who helped kick his ass so as to be able to help her? You have got to be kidding me!! Does this jerk really think he can get off??? Un believeable! in any case... I really hope all the others who were there show up. I go to court on the fifth, as a witness.....however i wonder how many days we will have to go.
I just realized that the fifth is on monday! wow! they dont send you notice very early do they? lol
well that is all for now... wish the lil gal luck, lets hope we have a smart jury... not an O.J. Simpson jury!
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