Sunday, February 26, 2006


geez, it's been a while since i tippy typed on my blog hasn't it? been real busy around here. I will get on here as soon as kids go back to school (next week) ready for the break to be over... lol
see ya soon

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


well folks, bloggy friends, pals of mine...... TODAY IS THE DAY.... today is the day i started blogging one year ago. Too wierd. So I haven't blogged in a while. things have been pretty hectic around here. and as most of you who have known me for a while know.... family comes before bloggy. (grin) wow! all these reality shows are unbelievable. survivor has been interesting, but i seem to be looking foward to watching american idol this season more so than survivor. and i am a survivor nutbag! what gives?? amazing race is starting soon, and it looks sooo lame, dunno if i will tune in for it this season or not. the bachelor SUCKS this season, i have seen all of 10 minutes of it. watched a tidbit last night, still sucks dancing with the stars hasnt tickled my fancy this season either... but skating with them is very fun. lol... if you havent seen it, check it out, these kids are crazy! however they learn fast... and are actually amazingly talented for being soap stars and such. i watched david letterman last night. omg regis is soooo full of himself, he was a guest last night. david suggested he enter next season of dancing with the stars.... regis was kinda like whatever.... but i think its a good idea, i would tune in. regis is so fake .... cant stand him! ANYWAY......
kids are doing great for those of you whom follow us....
J just went to his first dance with a girl.... (how i dreaded this moment) he is a 6th grader now, so he is all grown up now dont ya know! hmph! anyways, he took this lil gal to the 6th grade dance for valentines day this weekend......... evidently it was a disaster. lol...... he was too shy to ask her to dance and all his friends were telling him he needed to ask her to dance as she was feeling left out. well he never did dance with her so ... lmao (kids i tell ya) she broke up with him before the end of the dance. sooooo.... in order to make up for it, he intends to give her a card, box of candy and a rose after school today to make up for it, and say happy valentines. how sweet is that. his excuse for the dance disaster was he didnt know how to dance and didnt want to look like a, i thought all 6th graders were little dweebus delecties .... arent they still young enough to um, oh i dunno, NOT KNOW HOW TO DANCE? lol my kid is great!
k and w have been very busy with school plays and stuff like that. so all around we have been too busy to even get on the puter, much less type away for a while, lol. anyway, as per usual, i have many mommy chores to finish up... and a valentine party at k school, sooooo
happy bloggy birthday to me, happy valentines day to you.... hope you have a great day bloggypals.