Saturday, December 30, 2006

Who knows how to spell???

This is a test.... let us see how many of you can tell what my daughter's grocery list consists of... lol.
Winter's grocery list is as follows:
1. Cile
2. bunanus
3. cofe
4. bakin
5. bred
6. kecup
7. hanbrgrs and bunz
8. tumato sop
9. vunelu ice cream
10. melk
keep in mind she has just turned 6 right before x mas, and is kindergarten!!! pretty good job of sounding it out i think.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Book Meme

I am currently engrossed in Steven King's The Green Mile. What an excellent movie, but a FABULOUS book!!! I have a hard time putting it down at night. ok most of you will remember how the book meme works. Incase you don't...
you go to the exact page I have listed and then type the paragraph I have specified... we all learn a bit about a book we may not have read before (big smile) I love to read.
"Edward Delacroix," Percy was saying, "electricity shall now be passed through your body untill you are dead, according to state law."
I looked over at Brutal in an agony that made my urinary infection seem like a bumped finger. the sponge is dry! I mouthed at him, but he only shook his head not understanding, and looked back at the mask over the frenchman's face, where the man's last few breaths were pulling the black silk in and then blousing it out again.
I hope you are enjoying your book as much as I am. I am eager to see what you are all reading.
nitey nite bloggypals.....

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas......

Thursday, December 21, 2006

It's your birthday.....

happy birthday to you,
happy birthday to you...
happy birthday dear winter....
happy birthday to you!!!
I love you baby girl!
love and kisses....

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas cookies....and good friends

The kids and I went down to Richa's yesterday, and we had a blast! I took brutus with us, her kids loved having a dog around. We made a bag of popcorn.... and her 2 yr old ...Z... went out to sit with the "poopy" (the dog lol) in the living room with his bowl of popcorn. I gave brutus a handful of popcorn (his most fav treat) and Z watched intently as brutus ate one piece at a time. When every last piece was gone, of course brutus proceeded to go sit with hopes of getting more of course! lol, it was so cute, Z went into the kitchen, got a spoon out of the drawer and went and sat back down with brutus. Richa and I were wondering what the hell he needed a spoon for popcorn for lol. Z is now feeding the dog (the poopy lol) one piece of popcorn at a time on the spoon. lol, we figure it was so he didnt accidentally get bit, although bru would never ever bite the hand that gives him a treat :) nonetheless it was adorable!
We managed to make peanut butter kiss cookies, chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies and cupcakes.... omg, what a nightmare. lol keeping track of so many different cooing times, and ingredients was awful. but we vowed this will be a yearly thing, every year for the kids. they had much fun, making, and rolling and decoratiung. it was a joy to see them all covered in different colors of frosting, and making very cool looking cookies. they made dradel's and the candle thingy that goes with it, for hanaka, and they made angels and stars and reindeer and snowmen .... then they decorated the crap out of them, lol. what a mess! but still so much fun. and i cant believe it, but somewhere in there we managed to get dinner cooked too! i was impressed!
on a different note, i called harborview medical center, and still they couldn't tell me if that girl was alright or not because of privacy acts. i thought maybe the mother would have been kind enough to release that information for us who helped her. as a last rsort, i had a brainfart and decided to call the local walmart where it happened, and ask a manager if they had happened to hear any news on the girl. as it turned out, the mother had just called a few hours prior, and informed the store that her daughter had made it, much surgery had to be done, but that she was going to be home for x mas..... thank god! i am so glad she was ok, and im so happy for her children not to have lost mommy to something so horrid and tragic right before x mas! yay, she made it! im so stoked!!!!!
well, off to go read my book, totally into it..... reading the green mile! will post a new book meme tomorrow!
bye all.............

Friday, December 15, 2006

I am in awe.....

I went to the local walmart this evening......supposed to just buy a few things and leave. pshaaaaa right! you never get it that easy at wally world!!! So I am leaving and I get to my car, putting all my stuff away..... and i hear this godawful bloodcurdling screaming "help me, somebody help me please" i look over my shoulder and there is this poor young girl trapped in her car, while some guy is leaning into her drivers side window lunging at her.... wierd.
she screams louder, so i slam my trunk and go running, at the same time two other girls come running as well.... we all are trying to kick this guy, and get him out of her window( after all we are just females lol) he finally falls down with a swift kick to the nuts, and me and another girl pull this poor blood soaked girl out of her car. meanwhile 3 dudes come out of nowhere seeing 4 women in distresss, one of which is bleeding profusely, and they tackle dude to the ground beating the everloving shit out of him in the process. im yelling for people top call 911... (why do people just stare??? instead of help???) and asking for anyone who has a blanket in their car to go get it please as she is going into shock. i cant tell where all the blood is coming from... but its pouring out of her. i covered her in blankets and tried to keep her talking .. coherent.... ALIVE. it was damn near 10 minutes before a fucking FIRETRUCK got there, and this girl was fading fast..... then the cops get there... and yell at me to move, i yelled back no, im not going ANYWHERE untill the emt's get here! she asked if i could get her mommy , and stated she dident want to die. i asked if she knew her moms number , we got someone else with a cell phone to call her mother , and put her dying self on the phone with her mommy.......... poor girl, even moreso, poor mommy. there are like 7 people on the phone with 911 at this point, still no ambulance! bullshit!!! in trying to keep this girl alive, not falling asleep... ( she sure tried to , let me tell you) the only thing i can think of is keep her talking... no closing the eyes, dont let her give up! so i made her talk... i found out she was a 22 year old mom of 2 beautiful little twins 3 yrs old. her kids were with her mom at that time, that he was the ex boyfriend who she had recently left because he was abusive, and that he had stabbed her that she was aware of in her head, her back, her stomach, her shoulder, and 3 other places... can you say insane??? so now people are starting to stand around and gawk! how morbid, with their children even! some people are so fucked in the head... ya um, let your kids see a girl dying in the walmart parking lot surrpunded by a pool of blood? wtf is wrong with you? im sitting with this girl, keeping her as calm as i can, and she tells me, shes tired , shes sooo tired and she cant feel a thing in her whole upper body, the pool of blood is getting larger, and its getting harder to keep her awake and alert. 15 minutes pass and FINALLY A FUCKING AMBULENCE GETS THERE. she goes to harborview and we all fill out statements, i myself cant wait to testify against this prick. you know i cant even begin to tell you how much this story isnt as whole as it could be.... i just cant find the proper words to describe my experience. all i want is to know if she made it! if she is ok? there was so much thick pooled blood around her i cant fathom that she didn't die. it would be a miracle!
he was stabbing her with a fucking 6 inch hunting knife! in her own car people! she couldnt get away from him. it was insane!!! i hgave nothing else to report for now, except that i saw in the paper she was transported to harborview for "treatment of her wounds" but it didnt specify if she lived or not, i cant see how she could have to be honest! but because of privacy laws they wont tell me anything. i was like listen, i know the privacy laws as they are, ok, and thats great, but i spent 15 almost 20 minutes fighting with this girl to keep her alert awake and alive untill your fucking ambulence bothered to get there, and all im asking is " is she alive" and they still gave the ol speech about privacy act!!! now thats some shit right there! if she lived i suppose i will only find out when i am subpoena to go to court and testify as to what i witnessed! along with the others who were there. hmph! well im so done typing for now.... see ya later...

Sunday, December 10, 2006

OUR TAX DOLLARS HARD AT WORK.....psshhaaaaa right!

ALRIGHTY THEN! This is a secret from the website WWW.POSTSECRET.COM and I for one am really pissed about this particular secret! Ok most of us have been down on our luck at one point or another and had to get on welfare, some ssi, others unenjoyment, to list a few government organizations.... oh and the tax people,. let us not leave those fuckers out!!! Anyways, this secret disgusts me, because I have known friends to have had their paperwork "lost" at several different places , from the welfare office to the damn food bank, ok! And you know its bull cause you were the one who drove the friend to hand deliver said papers right?? right! So what makes this person justified in screwing others' lives up because they dont "feel " like doing? and wtf???? ummmmm our tax dollars are paying this asshole to shred some poor girls welfare documents because its too much work? what if that person has nobody else? what if her baby needed that section 8 to survive and have a roof over their heads? It's really a shame to read a secret like this , especially at christmastime, as i have a friend who is struggling to give her daughter a x-mas this year, asked the food bank for help, filled out papers right there, (i took her there myself!) and magically said papers cant be found, they show no record of her having filled them out, so she was not sponsored for x-mas, and will not be having a very good one as a result. this girl needed help, and did all she could, filled out some fucking pencil pushers paperwork...... only to be heartbroken in the end. I wonder if it was you whom wrote this secret that fucked up my friends christmas??? I feel like sending this picture to ... a congressman.... or something..... don't you? aren't you outraged that because of people like this others who have less than most could be suffering? MY TAX DOLLARS PAY THIS PERSON TO SCREW WITH OTHERS LIVES, and he or she will never have top pay!!!! its a sad sad thing I tell ya! I am furious, and I am going to find a way to stop it! *tapping side of forhead**.... "think, think think," as Mr. poohbear would say!

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Santa anyone?

Friday, December 08, 2006

school pictures...

winter ... kindergarten

keegan third grade

jamison (jt) seventh grade
kids look great in the school pics eh?

Thursday, December 07, 2006

One of those days...

Well dammit!!! it really has been one of those days... as I just managed to have my breaker box flip and lose a post I have been working on for over an hour!!! When I got up this morning, I felt like Garfield here looks! and I'll be damned if it wasn't a hell of a day.
Let's see .... since I lost my other post I can never ever put it back into the same words, so it is gone forever. hmmmm (shrug) now what? Suppose a person has a certain dream , and the first time they have it, they almost forget it soon after they wake. bits and pieces of it just sort of slip away. The next night said person has same dream, awakens remembering a little bit more than the night before. It was a strange and frightening dream. Frightening in a sense of it simply could not be understood. On the third night the person has the exact same dream.... awakens remembering every single detail! dying to tell someone about it, person calls a buddy whom cant decipher it either. both agree its strange, but simply can't MEAN anything, theres nothing remotely close to specific details anywhere around persons area so not to worry. On the fourth night ....... no change, same dream.... what does it mean? how do you decipher a dream? and why are so many important people missing in it? why is it just person and persons certain child ..... in each and every dream? wierd? Tonite is night 5 for person....... what will the dream be this evening???
Oh I can't forget to blog about this....I have found Michelle, I have found Nephtalie, I have found several people from my past that were important to me, but omg! I hit the jackpot.... Richa I finally found you!!! Of the few people I wanted to find from that part of my past ... you were the top of my list girl! I can't believe how emotional I became when i found Richa's webspace. She was my rock through some of the worst times I am surely ever to endure! Glad to have re-located you girlfriend! it's been a long time coming. I only hope our kids will get along.
well crap, I can't even think about what to type, soooo, I will chew on some ideas for my post tomorrow, and spit them out when i log in .... lol :)
nitey nite bloggyland......

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Boycott TBS among others....

Well, I must say I am flabbergasted, offended, and highly irritated at TBS among other stations. After a certain hour, uh...10 pm for tbs, AHEM!!! They feel free to advertise these commercials for Girls gone wild and Boys gone wild. Ok, now I am not in any way saying that there is anything WRONG with these commercials....HOWEVER it seems that with the content of these commercials it would be better fit after midnight or 1 am! I mean comedy central which is indeed an adult channel, or maybe a mature channel is better said. in any case, comedy central wont even put an uncut comedy show on, unless it is FRIDAY or SATURDAY and its after 1 am. That to me says comedy central has a bit of class! Here's what gets me.... uhhmm...ya! TBS is supposed to be a family channel.... soooo you can imagine how pissy I got when I was watching a FAMILY movie on a Family channel WITH my KIDS and these commercials played repeatedly on every commercial break! What the hell is wrong with this channels owner??? Ya I think it's highly innapropriate to have commercials of this nature on , i have a 12 yr old....on the cusp of 16 (lololol) hormones-a-ragin' and he sees this insane portration of what is supposed to be ok to do, right alongside my lil k and w... whom are far too young to see this shit! Who do I bitch about this to? I want to call the corporate office and just blow my top! How dare they say they are a family channel and put this kind of soft porn (which is exactly what it is) on the network at the same time as an advertised "family movie"??? anyone??? how much fucking money do they get per commercial that they feel it is ok to then put it on a family timed slot? don't get me wrong... other networks play these very same commercials... but at a waaaay later time slot! grumble grumble... what has this world come to? What message are we sending our young generations with this kind of commercial? My god have any of you seen these commercials... ??? They are downright horrid!! anyway .... I am boycotting TBS , I dont care if my favorite movie ever is on TBS and I havent seen it in years, I wouldn't wath it simply because then I would be giving them one more person on the rating. For the record....... i am not a stick in the mud kinda gal, I can roll with the rest just fine, but I do have children, and i feel that a family network should be just that FAMILY ORIENTED! I have a few opinions about MySpace now that I've made an account to keep tabs on my oldest..... but I will save those opinions for a later

Saturday, December 02, 2006

WOW! wonders never cease to amaze me...

Well hello bloggy pals....... i know its been a while, and for that i am so apologetic.... but in my defence I HAVE A LIFE TOO! lol just kidding. went to the library today and checked out a few interesting new books. the first one i am going to read is called fire and brimstone. its about the north butte mining disaster of 1917. looks to be a pretty good read. cant wait to get started. omg, when i finally got done grabbing books and dvd's and cd's for each person in the house, i ended up with a check out of 28 things .... um can you say caralyn's own private library , lol..... omg! thats a lot of things to keep track of. sheesh! i also went to wally world today..... and ran into one of my dearest , my bestest, (girl i have sure missed you! ) friends in the whole world......whom i lost touch with about 12 years ago. we stood in wally world in the middle of the aisle just asking questions about one another and talking like we saw eachother just yesterday. we exchanged numbers, and i think its fabulous that we bumped into one another! i cant wait to meet her children. i often wonder whats become of a lot of my old high school chums....several i know about, now i also know what became of jessica...... but there are some out there whom i have googled and found nothing on, Chuck Albertson.... where r u? Nephtalie Stackhouse..... i finally found u on myspace last night!!! woot woot! J.R. Henry.... whatever happened to you ??? Danielle Garner and Michelle Fenlin... my best girls right beside jess.... where the hell are you guys??? wierd how we just ooops .... run into someone after years, and then reminisce about the times you hung out together oh so long ago.... like omg, jess if u found my blog, you are about to crack up.... remember when i went to school with you and Tyler for the day, it was a friday that i didnt have school. anyways we split up the day i went to half your classes that day and half of his. but i walked home with you. and when we got to the street we decided to race to your house.......... and i strait tripped and fell flat on my face and scraped up my chin and nose.... do you remember? omg that was soooo funny!!! i miss the skate deck days !!!!!!!!!!!!!oh to be a teenager again, lol..... i know what my teenage son is gonna be up to ........ lmao......