Saturday, November 19, 2005


what happened to just jotting down your thoughts and not having to title it??? well fooey on them, i dont have a specific title in mind today. i have been so incredibly busy this week, had w conference and it went very well indeed. since she is in preschool, they kind of tend to test what the kids do or dont know, shapes colors etc. then they let you know where the child is at in development and what to work on before kindergarten. in w case, she really only needs to work on her social skills with other children. lucky me eh? but there was one test in particular i laughed so hard over. w cracks me up sometimes. this was the section where they tested launguage and cognition. the caps is w answer to the sentance...
1 brother is a boy sister is a GIRL
2 a horse is big a mouse is SMALL
3 a table is made of wood a window is made of GLASS
4 a bird flies a fish .......
Ok now here is where she is supposed to say swim right? teacher said kids usually respond with jumps or goes in water.... and that only 2 kids have ever said what winter did in her entire carreer....and it truly was funny, we both had a good chuckle... ok so....
a bird flies a fish .... w said DOESNT
pretty smartass and ingenious!!! thats my girl! lol
well i have another meme in the works, so i will post it when i am finished.
but for now............ so long farewell avitisain goodbye-ye, adoo adoo to you and you and you-ou............... love that flick, anyone know what it is??? see ya'all soon....

Thursday, November 10, 2005


Well, hello everyone! I have been so frustrated with blogger for the last couple of days, so i avoided it. Does anyone know if the blogger only accepts certain kind of photos to upload, like jpg images or whatever? Because I have this one pic I'd really like to upload, of W 's family poster she made for school, it is a bitmap image however, and blogger refuses to load it! I swear it takes like 3 minutes, the bar is almost to the end saying it is done, but then i just get this error message, that blogger didnt succeed in loading this picture. HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really want to add this pic, its such great work my lil girl did. anyway, as I have now been screwing with this dumb pic trying to load it, I am off of this damn puter, cuz now I am just mad all over again. If ya have any suggestions, pls feel free to send them my way! see ya'all tomorrow, hope its been a great week for you................
TOMORROW IS FRIDAY, and tonite is survivor, and e.r. woohoo!

Friday, November 04, 2005

book time!

Good morning bloggypals. :) I hope you are feeling wonderful today. Today is book day.... rules are as follows:
1. Go to page 362 of the current book you are reading.
2. Read paragraph 3 of this page, even if you haven't yet gotten there.
3. Post in my comments the name of the book, the author, and the paragraph on that page.
4. Feel free to take this silly little fun ditty to your blog and choose your own page and paragraph, it's always fun to read a tiny bit of someone else's book, i have found a few good books to read by doing this on my blog.

OK, I am currently reading 2nd Chance, James Patterson
pg. 362, paragraph 3 reads as follows:
Rusty Coombs flicked off the elevator power switch, freezing the doors open. Then he slung the black nylon duffel bag he was carrying onto the floor and leaned against the concrete wall, his back to one of the eight barred windows. He opened the bag, removing his disassembled PSG-1, the sniper's scope, and two additional pistols, along with clips of ammunition.
Holy cow, my book seems like its going to get really good, I am only on page 238. well folks, i must be going, got a lot of things to do today. I just thought maybe I should post something different, it's been a while since I did my book thing! take it easy.............

Thursday, November 03, 2005


first and foremost, thank you to my friend miteymite for doing my crazy meme. sorry it took me a while to acknowledge you, but girl, we been flu crazed over here. :( loved your answers!!!

Well well well!!! if ya'all are not yet prepared for the flu season.... get ready! it is a killer this year! first of all, my kids have been battling the flu for the last month... honest engine! they get rid of it, and damn if they dont catch it again! so i was a little freaked out when on HALLOWEEN of all days, they came down with it again, then it was my turn, so (boohoo) all of us pukin sick on halloween. nobody went trick or treating. so sad. so im sorry , i have no more pumpkin pics to share, because all my pumpkins are still sitting outside, sadly neglected because we were all sick. man that bites!!!!
so i was watching the news yesterday, i dunno, cnn i think. but what i saw was atrocious! the strain of this avian flu... they had it under a microscope compared to the strain of flu that humans are fighting right now, it is eerily similar... like i mean reallllllly close to the same. THEN as if that wasnt scary enough, they compared those two strains... to the flu strain of 1918 that killed millions... oh really should check it out, scary, really scary how much they were the same. ok so usually , at least when i was a kid we wouyld only catch the flu once a year, and i shit you not, my kids have been battling it over and over all month long, now we are in november, and its only getting colder .... what the hell do i do to keep them from this flu? vitamins? check! Tang..lil extra vit c?? check! good food, lots of nutrition??? check!!! HHHHHEEEELLLLLPPPPP! any good suggestions will be appreciated.
ok well, I am off to go do some fun! anyone want to come do them for me? haha. hope your week is going great!!!